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Well, my Corsair CX600M PSU arrived yesterday and I finally got time today to replace the existing PSU in my PC with it so I can build my Litecoin mining rig.

All the power leads that come with it are black so it’s a little odd not having the color-coded wires of old to work with. Still, all the connectors are keyed, so it’s impossible to put them into the wrong sockets.

My R9 280X video card has two power connectors, one presumably for the card itself and the other for running the cooling fans. These are 8-way connectors, and the PCI power connectors supplied with the PSU are 6-way with attached free-flying 2-way connectors. It’s a bit fiddly getting the 6-way and 2-way connectors together to plug into the cards sockets, but I got that sorted.

Next, my motherboard uses a 4-way power connector. There wasn’t one of these included with the leads. However, there was an 8-way lead. On inspection, it turned out that this could be split into two 4-way connectors, and one of those fit the motherboard connection.

Having replaced the PSU and swapped out all the connections from the old unit, it was time to power up the PC to make sure everything was ok. It powered up without problem.

Next, I shut it down and swapped out the old video card for the R9 280X. I made sure there was enough clearance around the fans on the card so that there’d be no problems with them rotation. Then I powered on the PC. Everything started up ok…

…except my monitor was completely black. No video output at all. Not even the motherboard logo. Nada. All the lights on the R9 280X were on so it looked like the card was working fine.

I powered down the PC, and connected it to the TV via a HDMI cable. Then powered back up. Still black as night.

Next I used a different set of connectors to attached the video card to the PSU, just in case there was a problem with the original set of leads. Powering back up again – and I still got a black screen.

So, that means either the video card is a dud or just maybe, there’s some compatibility issue with my motherboard. My motherboard isn’t a branded one (as least from what I can see) so could just be some OEM motherboard created by Advent (the manufacturer of the PC). The PC itself is also about 3 years old now.

So it’s been a disappointing day. I’ve restored my original video card so I can use the PC again.

Next step is to see if I can try the card in a buddy’s (more modern) PC and see if it works there. If not, back to Amazon the card will have to go and I’ll have lost at least another 2 weeks mining by the time the replacement card arrives.


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