As I mentioned in my previous post, I couldn’t get the Sapphire R9 280X video card (UK/Europe) to work in my PC. Not knowing if it was some issue with my motherboard (the new 600W PSU [UK] has more than enough juice to run the card) or a dud video card, I tried the card out in a friend’s PC.

Every motherboard manufacturer seems to use a different method for locking PCIe cards in place and the Alienware machine we were going to test the card on was no different. Once we’d looked up how to unlatch the existing video card, we inserted the R9 280X, connected the power plugs and powered up the PC.

On came the card lights, all looked good but there was no video output (just like on my own PC). And then the card started beeping. Powering down, re-seating the card, double-checking all the connections, powering back up….and more beeping from the card.

So the card appears to be a complete dud. ūüôĀ

The Christmas period meant I lost another week trying to build my mining rig and having to send the video card back for replacement is going to cost at least another week as well. What’s more, since the card wasn’t shipped directly from Amazon, I’ve had to pay to have the card shipped back to the original company who sent it to me. I probably won’t be reimbursed for that either.

Why is nothing ever simple?!

To be continued…

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