Just a quick update on my R9 280X card [UK]. Since I couldn’t get the card to work in my PC (a 3-year old off-the-shelf PC) or a friend’s 2-year old gaming PC, we both figured the card was a dud. So I returned it to the supplier with a view to getting a replacement card.

Note: If you’re thinking of buying any video cards for a mining rig, go for the Sapphire, MSI or Gigibyte brands only. Other makes seem to have problems when used in dedicated mining rigs.

I sent the video card back by registered post (which cost €39 that I’ll never see again) and after a week I still hadn’t heard back from the supplier. I checked the package tracking number online and found that the card had been received and signed for 3 days after I sent it.

So I contacted the supplier and asked what was going on. He said he’s put the card in a testing harness and was putting it through its paces. There didn’t appear to be anything wrong with the card as far as he could see. I asked him why he thought the card didn’t work in either of the PCs I’d tried it in (I asked that question each time I contacted him). He never answered that question so that was disappointing.

After another day, he contacted me to let me know the card had passed all the tests and asked what I wanted to do.

I initially asked for a refund but he replied that there’d be a 10% re-stocking fee I’d have to pay (from the refund) as he wouldn’t be able to sell the card as new.

I looked around online for alternative cards but, as you may have found if you’re looking for a video card yourself, high-end AMD video cards are very hard to find, and their prices have gone up quite a bit over the last month or two. That’s because the demand is so high with so many people trying to build their own Bitcoin and Litecoin mining rigs.

So, after a lot of thought, and not wanting to have to wait a few more weeks to find and have delivered a different video card, I asked the supplier to send the R9 280X back to me.

I’d done a bit of research on PCIe cards and my motherboard (and my friend’s as well) looked to be the problem. It appears that neither mobo had an x16 PCIe lane and that was the problem. So on the day that the supplier sent the card back to me, I ordered a new motherboard – the ASROCK 970 Extreme4 [UK] – from Amazon, along with a Sempron processor [UK] and 4 Gb of RAM [UK].

This morning, the R9 280X arrived back. Now I just have to wait for the other components to arrive…

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