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In this video, UK USI-Tech member John Smith interviews Horst Jicha – one of USI-Tech’s owners – about what caused the company to shutdown operations in the USA and Canada, the repercussions of that and where things go from here.

If you’re in the USA or Canada, and a member, you should find a PDF letter from their attorneys explaining the return of USI-Tech to the USA and Canada.

My Plan For Earning and Multiplying Bitcoin

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USI Tech

Post Updated Jan 21, 2018.

Recently I signed up with two companies – Power Mining Pool and USI Tech – that give a daily return of 1% on your Bitcoin investment. Over the couple of months, I’ve had a chance to compare how the two companies operate and the earnings they provide.

Power Mining Pool

Power Mining Pool is the first company I joined. It launched in September 2017. They mine 7 different cryptocurrencies on your behalf 24/7 and pay you the Euro value for the mined coins. Then they trade the mined coins for Bitcoin and pay you again …

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Bitcoin Going Down In Flames?

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the cryptocurrency markets this week, it won’t have escaped your notice that…

Pretty much every cryptocurrency is down this week.


Well, the cryptocurrency market is so nuanced, there’s rarely a single reason for major price moves.

But here are three main reasons for the most recent dip:

  • Fears that South Korea will clamp down further on cryptocurrency exchanges
  • The Chinese cashing out their crypto gains for the Lunar New Year
  • Beginning of year sell-off to pay taxes
  • There’s also a lot of panic selling by novice crypto traders spooked by dropping prices

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USI Tech - Transform Your Life

News started dropping yesterday that USI-Tech had terminated their operation in the USA and Canada.

Clients in those countries were greeted with a statement when they logged in that stated USI-Tech’s action and the reasons for it.

The termination of operations was not telegraphed to any clients or team leaders beforehand and came as a bombshell.

USI-Tech had been warning USA and Canadian clients about unacceptable marketing practices that some of them were engaging in. Those warnings went unheeded.

As a result, USI-Tech found itself in a position where it could be deemed to be condoning such marketing policies and …

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Bitcoin Is Going Mainstream

Update 12 Jan. 2018: I am now earning 0.01 BTC per day on my upgraded (to V1.2) mining account and 0.00015 BTC per day on my free mining account – total 0.01015 BTC per day (~$137/day at today’s USD/BTC rate).

I’ve accumulated 0.04727845 BTC (~$638) to date.

I plan to withdraw 0.008 BTC every day (to reduce transaction fees) so that the Bitcoin ends up in my wallet rather than staying in the miner wallet should it fold. Withdrawing 0.008 BTC per day is the equivalent of earning about $3,240 per month!

I haven’t decided if I’ll keep the Bitcoin, …

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Bitcoin Is Going Mainstream

In case you haven’t noticed, Bitcoin is going mainstream.

You’ve probably seen some news reports about Bitcoin on the mainstream news channels over the last few years that brought the cryptocurrency to your attention.

Those stories were usually about the extreme highs Bitcoin had reached in comparison to the Dollar or announcements of its imminent demise following a spectacular price crash.

Maybe you remember, back at the end of 2013, hearing all the hoopla about Bitcoin as it rose to $1,200 in value. And then, not too long after, how it crashed in value down to $200 per coin.

There …

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Bitcoin Mining Opportunity

UPDATE: AuroraMine has closed up shop and allegedly run off with 11 million dollars. I called it as A HYIP but it didn’t even last 30 days. I never invested money into it so no loss for me. The less than $1 I accrued from the free 100 GH/s hashing power has gone with them. A salutary lesson in “if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is!”.

Yesterday I signed up with They offer 100GH/s of hashing power to all new members (joining doesn’t cost anything).

That amount of hashing power earns about $0.12 per …

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Bitcoin Opportunity

Bitty Cash is a new system which shows you how to earn Bitcoins and cash simply by signing up FREE Members to their System!

You don’t have to sell anything and they will literally pay you simply for generating leads for them and yourself.

They will also reveal to you their proven step-by-step “blueprint” for earning upwards of $15,000 or more per month simply generating free leads!

As you get leads, they get added to your list in the system so that you can promote any Bitcoin and cryptocurrency opportunities to them as you wish.

If anyone you personally refer …

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Here’s an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new program for passively earning Bitcoin. The system is currently in a 2-month pre-launch phase
and it’s for the first and largest Cryptocurrency Bank in the world – Crypto Currency Bank MLM (CCBM), Registered in Hong Kong.

It’s 100% FREE to sign up and promote.

CCBM Pays $50 in CCBM CryptoCurrency just for registering with them.

  • 100% Free Registration
  • 2×20 CCBM Matrix with over 2 Million Potential Matrix Positions
  • Potential of over 4 Million in CCBM CryptoCurrency
  • Earn $10 in CCBM CryptoCurrency for each Person you Refer who

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Bill Gates on Bitcoin

This 9-minute video looks at what Bitcoin means for ordinary people and why the development of this cryptocurrency is such an important development in giving people back sovereignty over their own money (skip the first minute if you don’t want to see what sending an email was like back in 1984 and 1994).…

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