ASROCK H110 Pro BTC Motherboard

Is it possible to still do home mining of cryptocurrencies?

Yes, it is but it generally requires some specialist equipment.

While your PC may be able to run at a few Mh/z to mine a currency like Ethereum that doesn’t need ASICs, you will still need a good quality video card to generate any kind of mining power.

And the cost of electricity is still a big factor in whether your mining efforts can return a profit or not. If you pay $0.10 per Kw/h, you’ll probably generate some small profit. If you pay $0.20 per Kw/h, you’ll likely make a loss, unless your plan is to hold your mined coins until they substantially rise in value.

Mining Bitcoin is almost impossible for the home miner given that the difficulty factor has now risen so much and coin rewards are substantially less than they were a couple of years ago.

But, to address the needs of the mining community, ASRock released their H110 Pro BTC motherboard back in early June.

This beast has 13 PCI xpress Slots and that number of high-end Radeon RX 470 or nVidia GTX 1070 video cards will set you back a pretty penny.

There is an issue with Windows 10 supporting more than 10 GPUs on the H110. However it works fine on Linux and EthOS.

Also, there was an issue with older versions of Claymore’s Miner supporting more than 10 GPU’s. With the most recent update to the software (Version 9.8), Claymore has resolved the issue with using more than 10 miners.

Is The H110 Pro BTC About To Lose Its Crown?

Now Asus has announced plans to release a motherboard aimed squarely at cryptocurrency miners. The new mainboard will be dubbed the B250 Expert Mining and will feature a whopping 19 PCIe slots.

In addition to theoretical support for up to 19 GPUs, the board features a unique power setup and diagnostic tools designed to make troubleshooting the initial setup easier. Sounds like ASRock’s H110 Pro BTC board will have a short reign as the top pick for mining rig builds looking to maximize GPU count.

Anandtech posted an preview of the upcoming board this morning.

Asus hasn’t yet specified pricing or a release date, but are expected to shortly.

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