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As you’ll know from my other recent posts, I’ve invested some money with GAW Miners and their Hashlets for cloud mining altcoins. These pay out about 0.9% (just under 1%) per day, so they look to be a good place for long-term investment. They also have a thriving community and it’s there that I first learned of LTCGear, the subject of this review.
Litecoin Gear (LTCGear) have been around for well over a year, a pretty long time where Bitcoin/cryptocurrency companies are concerned. Initially the owner sold FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) scrypt mining hardware to customers. But …

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GAW Miners

I wanted to give an update on how my mining contracts with GAW Miners have performed over the 1 month I’ve had them.

GAW provide three types of mining contracts known as “Hashlets”.

1. Genesis Hashlet (SHA-256)

These mine Bitcoin directly and hashlets are sold in units of 10Gh/s. Fees of $0.02 per 10Gh/s per day are charged (Gh/s is a measure of hashing power – if that means nothing to you, think of it as a set amount of computing power dedicated to mining). I don’t have any of these hashlets.

2. Scrypt Hashlet

The second type of Hashlet …

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