CryptoSuite Reviewed

On April 11th (2018) at 9AM EST, a new cryptocurrency trading software tool called CryptoSuite was launched. It’s for those interested in investing in or trading cryptocurrencies.

I was given a review copy to assess, so my review is based on that.

The guy behind CryptoSuite is Luke Maguire. If you’re in the internet or affiliate marketing arena, you may have heard of him –  he’s released a number of highly regarded productivity tools in that space.

He’s spent the last year immersing himself in the world of cryptocurrency and identifying the things that make it difficult for people to trade and invest in cryptos.

Coming out of all of that study, he’s created this new tool that aims to make it easier than ever for people to make money from cryptocurrencies.

There are no guarantees of course. There never is in any financial investment.

Learning About Cryptocurrencies

The only cryptocurrency program I currently recommend is iCoinPro. They have solid training with regular weekly Google Hangouts for members.

They also provide simple trading strategies that work.

And if your an internet marketer, they also have a compensation plan where you can earn commissions by referring others to the system.

The other system I was recommending was Bitty Cash. It had great potential but never quite achieved it. It kept changing its focus. And it has now closed down. The advanced Cryptocurrency training it said it would provide never fully materialised. And promised commissions were never paid.

So into this space of helping people to get to grips with cryptocurrency and how to make money from it drops CryptoSuite.

My CryptoSuite Overview

Program Name: CryptoSuite
Program Owner: Luke Maguire
Support: 98 out of 100 (based on support received for other products created by Luke Maguire)
Ease of Use: 97 out of 100
Usefulness: 98 out of 100
Training Material: 80 out of 100 Pre-launch Rating:
94 out of 100

What Is CryptoSuite?

It is primarily a software tool to help you make better decisions about investing in and trading cryptos. It does this in a number of ways, which I’ll look at below.

There’s also a training module but this is not complete yet. The product is still in pre-launch and more video tutorials will be added before the product goes live on April 11.

The software itself is web-based and runs in your browser. So you can use it anywhere you have access to the internet. This makes it very easy to use when you’re on the go, and you don’t have to be tied to desktop PC.

The software itself does not hold any of your cryptocurrency. Your coins and tokens will be stored and transacted through the exchanges that you’ve signed up with.

With that in mind, this short video will give you some idea of what’s included in the tool:

And developer Luk Maguire gives a primer on cryptocurrencies and the CryptoSuite software in this 30-minute video:

The CryptoSuite Dashboard

Once you log in, you get taken to the Dashboard screen that shows how Bitcoin has been performing over time. At this stage, since I’ve only been using the software for a couple of days, I’m not sure if the graph covers the current week or the current month.

CryptoSuite Dashboard

Click the image for a full sized view


To the right of the graph are the 5 most popular coins. Clicking on any of these will bring up the graph for that coin.

The vertical axis of the graph shows the value of the coin in US Dollars. The horizontal axis shows time (dates).

It would be nice to see an option or setting to show coin prices in different currencies so you can see the values in your local currency.

Across the top of the page, in the colored boxes, is the current total value (Market Cap) of all cryptocurrencies, the number of different coins that can be traded, how much of the cryptocurrency market is in Bitcoin, and how much cryptos have been traded, in US Dollar terms, in the last 24 hours.

Down the left side of the page are all the options available within the software. More options may be added here before the official launch.

Crypto Markets

The second option on the menu is Crypto Markets:

CryptoSuite - Crypto Markets

Click the image for a full sized view


This screen lists the statistics for each coin so you can see how they have been performing in the last day and in the last 7 days.

The default screen shows 10 coins at a time, but up to 100 can be listed on the screen.

With 1,500+ coins to choose from, you’d still have to look through 16 pages of 100 listed coins! Any website that provides this kind of information will face the same problem, so this isn’t a software limitation.

If you know what coins you want to review, there is a search box (not included in the above screenshot) that lets you quickly find the coins you’re interested in.

You can also filter the coins displayed by Market Cap, Daily (Trading) Volume, the Percentage Change in a coin’s value and the duration over which to check your criteria.

Cryptocurrency Alerts

One of the most powerful features of the software is its alert system. This allows you to create custom alerts that, when triggered, will be emailed to you as well as appearing on your Dashboard.

CryptoSuite Alerts

Click the image for a full sized view


Regular Alerts will simply alert you of the price of your chosen coins every hour, day or week.

Conditional Alerts will tell you when your selected coins have risen or fallen by a certain amount (in Dollars) or as a percentage of value. There’s also an option to be alerted just on price or percentage change, regardless of whether that change is up or down.

Filtered Alerts notify you when there’s movement in the volume of trading in the Top Performing or the Top Losing coins so you can make a decision to buy or sell.

Having these alerts coming into your Inbox means that you’re in a position to move on a trade more quickly than trying to collate this information manually randomly during the day.

In the screenshot above, I created one Conditional Alert and one Filtered Alert.

There is also another section on the page (not in the screenshot) for New Coin Alerts. This are emailed out to you as soon as they’re listed.

Arbitrage Opportunities

This is probably the most useful facet of CryptoSuite. The cryptocurrency arbitrage screen shows the percentage gain or loss you can achieve by buying Bitcoin on one exchange and selling it on another.

CryptoSuite Arbitrage

Click the image for a full sized view


This is not a trading practice I ever undertook before but looking at this screen you can see that there are some significant percentage gains to be made.

Hovering over any of the boxes brings up a description of the trade you could do if you  wanted to.

The box colors indicate the level of loss (reds) and gains (greens) that you can make.

In the highlighted opportunity above, there’s an 11.84% profit to be made by buying Bitcoin on the Coingi exchange and selling it on the OKCoin exchange.

Now, coin transaction fees will cut into your profits and Bitcoin transactions are not instant. The Profit/Loss percentages could change quite a bit from the time you buy coins to when you receive them in your wallet for transfer to another exchange.

I’m not clear if you can send coins directly from one exchange to another or if you have to withdraw them to your private wallet first and then lodge to a different exchange.

Initially, I thought this page was purely for Bitcoin trades. Clicking the BTC/USD button at the top left of the grid actually brings up several options for different cryptocurrency pairs (for example LTC/BTC) and crypto/fiat pairs like ETH/EUR.

Each option has a different number of Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Some exchanges are Euro only, others are US Dollar only etc.

I was surprised to find that popular exchanges like Poloniex and Cryptopia were not listed. Maybe these will be added in later.

There is a bug on this screen. If you select a pair that has a small number of supporting exchanges (like just 3 exchanges) then the area of the page populated by the exchange data is quite small. This results in the bottom of the crypto pairs menu being clipped off. You need to select any option with a large number of exchanges so you can see the full menu again.

The Portfolio Screen

This one’s entirely optional. You can record your transactions on this page and see what your profit or loss is on them over time based on the current coin prices versus the prices you paid in your original transactions.

The ICO Calendar

Getting in early on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) can be very lucrative. Coins have been known to increase 10x , 20x and even 100x during their launch.

It’s a risky business though as there are a lot of scammers in the space. It’s not unknown for coin developers to run off with the money they get from their investors, leaving them high and dry.

That’s why it’s vitally important to do your due diligence for any ICO you’re thinking of investing in. Read the Whitepaper (essentially the business plan for the coin) on their site. If there’s no link to that provided, that’s a huge red flag so just move on to something else.

Also, check out the team who are developing the coin for the ICO and their team of advisors. Everyone involved should be listed on the coin’s site.

If you see well-known names attached to an ICO, chances are that it’s legitimate and that it has been designed to meet a real-world need.

The ICO Calendar page lists all the current ICOs that are underway, their start and end dates and something about the ICO.

CryptoSuite ICO Calendar

Click the image for a full sized view


The Upcoming tab lists ICOs that have not yet started so the information here gives you time to research an ICO before it even opens. Early investors usually get bonuses like additional free coins.

The Past icon lists ICOs that have already run to completion.

The Wallets Page

This lists the two recommended online wallets to use – one for Ethereum and coins on the Ethereum blockchain, the other for Bitcoin and coins on its blockchain.

Again, I was surprised that no local wallet apps like Electrum were listed here.

The Favorites Page

This is another useful page. If you find that you tend to trade with a limited subset of the 1,500+ cryptocurrency coins, you can mark your preferred coins as favorites.

CryptoSuite Favorites Page

This page shows the same information for coins as the Crypto Markets page. But here, you don’t have to wade through 16 pages of coin information. Just the coins you’re interested in are listed.

The Training Videos

At the time that I am writing this review, there are 8 videos in the Training section. These cover basic things like setting up wallets, buying coins and transferring coins.

There’s also a video about Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and the difference between altcoins (anything other than the original Bitcoin) and tokens.

I presume additional videos will be added before launch. I’d like to see a training video on doing cryptocurrency arbitrage here showing a live example of a trade.

Getting The Latest Cryptocurrency News

The last screen of note (the remaining ones on the menu are self-explanatory) is the News page.

This collates cryptocurrency news stories from around the web so that you can keep up-to-date with what’s happening and what trends may be under way.

Click the image for a full sized view


Clicking on the headline of any story will take you to the story’s original webpage.

In Conclusion

CryptoSuite centralizes a lot of the functions that you otherwise would have to do manually.

For that reason it will save you a lot of time hopping between different websites and exchanges trying to collate this information yourself.

The training is a bit thin, but then the software is still in pre-launch (at the time I’m writing this) and I do expect additional video tutorials will be added in the coming days.

Right now there are no crypto currency trading strategies provided to help you capitalize on the information presented in CryptoSuite. That’s something where iCoinPro excels.

Right now, combining both systems – CryptoSuite for the trading info and iCoinPro to learn cryptocurrency trading strategies – seems like a very good combination to me.

Hopefully, trading strategy training videos will be added into CryptoSuite in the future.

I know that additional features for the software are on the drawing board and will be rolled out over time as they become available.

As someone involved in cryptocurrencies, I really like what CryptoSuite has to offer. It centralizes so many time-consuming data collection tasks by providing all the information you need in one place.

Crypto currency arbitrage is not something I ever thought about doing before. I always imagined that there was just a couple of percent difference in the prices of coins at different exchanges.

To see that there are differences of 11% or more is a real eye-opener.

That Arbitrage screen gathers all the information from the exchanges and calculates the profit or loss figures for you. Again saving a huge amount of time.

I would like to see some additional exchanges get added to this page though.

My Bonuses

I’m offering the following bonuses to you if you buy through any of my links. They’ll be delivered automatically once you order:

1. ALL Upsells Included For Free

I’ve arranged with Luke that you will get All Upsells included as a FREE bonus. By acting right away during Launch Week Only (April 11th to 18th) as a bonus you get ALL of the upsells for free (after launch week these will be paid extras).

These upsells include:

  • The Crypto arbitrage module which guarantees instant profits from buying Bitcoin at exchange A for cheap and selling it at exchange B for a profit.
  • Unlimited coin alerts for the best coin performers, when to sell, and the fastest gainers
  • VIP training course on getting started with crypto
  • Coinpeak module for sharing recommended coins to look at
  • Free 1 click crypto wallets for life
  • Access to the VIP group
  • The ICO rating module giving predictions on future coins and their potential strength

2. Cryptocurrency Secrets

This includes:

  • The Cryptocurrency Secrets ebook
  • An 8-part video tutorial series
  • An 8-part audio tutorial series (for when you’re on the go)
  • The “Why Cryptocurrency?” Special Report
  • And a mindmap to go with the videos and audio recordings

3. My Exclusive Cryptocurrency Academy Membership Site

This video membership site features:

  • Several documentaries about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency investment strategies
  • The “Hidden Secrets of Money” series that explains how money and the economy really work
  • New videos will be added over time

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Pricing And OTOs

CryptoSuite will cost $37 per month or $247 per year (a 55% saving). These prices are for Launch Week Only – April 11th – 18th. Prices will rise after that.

Buy through any of the links in this post and you will get all upsells for free as a bonus. This bonus is only available during Launch Week (April 11-18)

After launch week, each upsell becomes a paid addon for the software.

There is a standard 14 day refund guarantee AND a double-your-money-back results based guarantee that if you don’t get any results after implementing the training and working with Luke Maguire and his team, he’ll double your money back.

Learn More About CryptoSuite And Cryptocurrencies Here >

If you have any questions about the software and how it can be used, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer…

Here’s my video review of CryptoSuite:

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