The quickest way to get Bitcoin is to buy it directly, but there are other ways to earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and to make your holdings work for you. These are all programs I’m a member of, so I can recommend them from first-hand use.

Bitcoin Training Programs

You may be surprised to learn that only a tiny fraction of humanity knows anything about Bitcoin, some having only heard about it on news reports announcing its latest “highest value” or that its price has crashed again.

These two programs will teach about Bitcoin and how to trade it to make profits that put anything else in the shade. However, you are the final arbiter of any trades you make so ultimately all profits and losses are your own responsibility.

#1 The Bitty Cash Program

Earn Bitcoin Opportunity

You can join this program for free. This program only launched on November 1st so features are still being added to it. You can buy Bitcoin through their website and become a member of additional Bitcoin programs.

As a free member, you can earn $1 worth of Bitcoin for every confirmed member who signs up under you. There is no limit to the number of members you can refer.

There is one other level of membership called the Tycoon Level ($97/mth) which allows you to earn $1 per new confirmed member 5 levels deep. This could potentially earn you a lot of Bitcoin.

As a Tycoon, You also earn commissions when someone in your downline upgrades to Tycoon level, buys Bitcoin or withdraws Bitcoin from their member wallet.

In early December, the trading training module will be available exclusively to Tycoon level members.

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#2 iCoinPro

Join iCoinPro

This is the older of the two programs having launched in May 2017. This is more of a network marketing program and there’s no option to actually buy Bitcoin within the members’ area.

There are 3 levels of membership:

$39.95/month which gives you access to all features of the program and you can earn from 3 Levels of Matrix Commissions.

$229.95/six-months which provides automatic 2-Star Rank Qualification for a full 6 months to earn Bigger Fast Start Bonuses, 12 Levels of Matrix Commissions, and 3 Levels of Matching Bonuses.

$449.95/year which provides automatic 3-Star Rank Qualification for an entire year to maximise the compensation plan with Bigger Fast Start Bonuses, a Full 14 Levels of Matrix Commissions, and 5 Full Levels of Matching Bonuses!

So you can see that in this program, there are a lot more levels you can earn from and you earn more if you pay the 6-month or annual fee (the annual fee equates to paying $37.49/mth).

This program uses a forced binary matrix – you can sign up 2 people directly, each of those can sign up 2 people directly, etc. If you sign up more than 2 people, you additional signups spillover to someone in your downline. This is good for everyone as it incentivizes them to remain members. They can receive people in their downline from someone in their upline.

The other major feature of this program are the trading strategies they provide. These are simple to follow and make it relatively easy to make profit trading Bitcoin against other cryptocurrencies.

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