The quickest way to get Bitcoin is to buy it directly, but there are other ways to earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and to make your holdings work for you.

These are all programs I’m a member of, so I can recommend them from first-hand use.

#1 Cash FX

Cash FX

Cash FX is an investment program where you buy trade contracts.

These are one-time purchases and there are no monthly fees to worry about.

You pay for the contracts in Bitcoin.

So you will need to have a cryptocurrency wallet (Exodus is a good choice) and know how to buy and transfer Bitcoin.

Withdrawals are also in Bitcoin.

However, while purchases and withdrawals are in Bitcoin, actual trading is done on the Forex market rather than the cryptocurrency market.

When you purchase a contract, your Bitcoin is converted into Fiat currency (regular Dollars, Euros, etc) and added to the trading pool.

70% of your investment goes into the trading pool while the other 30% is used to pay commissions to other members (there are up to 6 ways to earn in Cash FX).

The money in the members’ trading pool is what’s used for trading on the Forex market.

Returns average about 1% of your trading fund each day.

Investments cap out at 200% (i.e. when you earn double your investment) at which point the investment ends.

You have the option of upgrading your contract when your investment has earned between 100% and 200%.

In this case, you only pay the difference in price between the contract you’re currently on and the one you want to upgrade to.

If you let your investment run to 200%, then you can only buy a new contract at full price.

There is a 20% fee on withdrawals.

Again, this goes back into paying out various commissions to members.

The lowest priced contract is $300 while the highest-priced one is $100,000.

It would take about 37 weeks (9-10 months) to break even on an investment if relying solely on trading returns.

As an example, $210 of a $300 contract is used for trading.

At an average of 1% per day, you’d earn about $2.10 per day.

The Forex market only trades during weekdays, so trading only happens 5 days a week, but does happen 24 hours a day.

So, on average, you earn about a 5% return per week – about $10.50.

At that rate, it would take 20 weeks to recoup your $210 used in trading.

And another 9 weeks to recoup the full $300 you paid for your contract.

However, because of the 20% withdrawal fee, you actually need to earn $375 to withdraw $300 worth of Bitcoin.

So, another 8 weeks is needed to get that.

After that, though, any returns you get will be pure profit.

You can reinvest earnings into upgrading your contract so that you earn more and keep that rolling.

It’s all passive income.

If you want to speed things up, then you do need to recruit other people.

You get a Fast-Start Bonus of 15% of the value of your referrals investment.

So, if someone buys a $300 contract, you get $45.

If someone buys a $100,000 contract, you get $15,000.

You also get this 15% commission when one of your referrals upgrades their own contract.

There are several other ways to earn in Cash FX that are too involved to detail here.

But, basically, there are two ways of earning with this program – through the Forex trading and through referral commissions.

You do need to refer at least one person to the program to unlock the non-trading earning channels.

You can find out a lot more about Cash FX here, it’s comprehensive Compensation Plan and see testimonials from members.

I’m in Cash FX myself and part of a team that provides additional resources to its members.

This includes regular weekly training, additional training materials, promotional materials you can use to market the program yourself and a chatbot you can use on Facebook to help you recruit people (you have to pay for this separately).

Learn more about Cash FX Here And See If It’s Right For You

#2 iCoinPro


Free Crypto Training

This is the older of the two programs having launched in May 2017.

This program teaches you strategies for trading cryptocurrencies and provides tools to aid in identifying when to place trades.

There’s also a network marketing component where you earn monthly commissions from people you refer.

There’s no option to actually buy Bitcoin within the members’ area.

All your trading and buying/selling of cryptocurrencies will take place on exchanges like Binance, Poloniex, Kraken, Coinbase and so on.

There are 3 levels of membership:

  • Basic: $9.95/month which gives you:
    • Unlimited access to the to the iCoinPro Community Forum
    • Unlimited access to iCoinPro Meetups
    • Unlimited access to the Trading Buddy Program
    • Unlimited access to the most complete training on everything Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with the iCoinPro Core Training.
  • Basic+: $39.95/month which gives you:
    • Access to everything in the Basic membership
    • Unlimited access to the TRADE FINDER Software to find potential trades 24/7/365
    • Unlimited access to the first two money-making modules of The Micro Profit System
    • Unlimited Access to the iCoinPro Profit/Loss Tracking Sheet, Profit/Loss with Fees Calculators, Compound Returns Calculator and more
    • Unlimited Access to the iCoinPro Weekly Video Training
    • Unlimited Access to the iCoinPro Advanced Training series
    • Unlimited Access to Coin Watch: Learn about the major cryptocurrencies and what their technologies bring to the space
  • Full Access: $99.95/month which provides:
    • Access to everything in the Basic+ membership
    • Unlimited Access to The COMPLETE Micro Profit System
    • Unlimited access to ALL iCoinPro Software and Tools plus any new releases that come out in the future
    • Unlimited Access to the iCoinPro CHAT BOX – Trade LIVE with the other full time traders in iCoinPro
    • Unlimited access to all archived trainings and recordings for you to review any time 24/7
    • And much, much more

So you can see that in this program, there’s a lot you can learn about cryptocurrencies and trading them.

You can upgrade your membership whenever you like and, if you’re new to cryptocurrencies, start with the free training here, and then graduate to the Basic program and work your way up from there if you want to.

If you’re into recruiting people and network / multi-level marketing, then this program uses a forced binary matrix – you can sign up 2 people directly, each of those can sign up 2 people directly, etc.

If you sign up more than 2 people, your additional signups spillover to someone in your downline.

This is good for everyone as it incentivizes them to remain members.

They can receive people in their downline from someone in their upline.

The  major features of this program are the trading strategies and associated tools they provide.

These are simple-to-follow and make it relatively easy to make profit trading Bitcoin against other cryptocurrencies.

Join iCoinPro Here