A new cryptocurrency called Electroneum is launching on November 1st.

It’s is a brand new British cryptocurrency which launched via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on September 14th. Developed to be used in the mobile gaming and online gambling markets, it will be the most user-friendly cryptocurrency in the world with wallet management and coin mining all possible on a mobile app.

There’s more background on the coin in this Yahoo Finance article.

The coins are on sale for $0.01 each and there’s a 20% bonus added on top until Midnight British Standard Time, October 11th. After that, the bonus coins of offer drops to 10%.

So, right now, if you purchased $10 worth, you would get 1,200 Coins.

If on November 1st this coin goes to $1 a coin you would have just made $1,190!!

Bear in mind that this is a purely speculative investment. Positive returns are not guaranteed. As the saying goes: your invest could rise or fall in value.

But I think the risk here is WAY too small to not try it.

However, you can only buy the coins with Bitcoin or Ethereum, so you will need to buy it via an exchange.

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