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I’ve been researching a Bitcoin program called CashFX that I came across a few days ago.

In a nutshell, what Cash FX claims to do is make foreign currency (Forex) trades with your money and give you a cut of the profits.

The trades are carried out by professional Forex traders and trading bots.

The Forex market trades upwards of $5 Trillion per day (that’s not a mistype).

It is, by far, the largest financial market on the planet.

Not every trade done by Cash FX’s professional traders will be successful, but (at time of writing) you earn about 1% of your investment each weekday (the Forex market is closed on weekends).

CashFX celebrated its 1st Year Anniversary in November 2020 and they’re still going strong.

In fact, they’re growing by leaps and bounds and now have over 230,000 members from all around the world.

The company is registered and located in Panama.

Investments & Withdrawals

The only way you can put money into and take money out of Cash FX is with Bitcoin.

This sets it apart from other investment programs which will accept trading deposits in a variety of Fiat (regular) currencies.

The cryptocurrency aspect of this program will put some people off either because they don’t understand cryptos or they don’t trust them.

The Team that I’m in provides full training on how to buy, store, transfer and sell Bitcoin for those who are completely new to this.

Investments are called Trading & Academy Packages and are priced in US Dollars.

There’a a fixed number of different Packages that you can buy, ranging from $300 all the way up to $100,000.

You can only own one Package at a time.

When you want to buy a Package, you buy its value worth of Bitcoin ($300 worth of Bitcoin for example) and then transfer your Bitcoin over to Cash FX to buy the Package you’re interested in.

There’s more information on buying your first package in the video on this page.

Buying Your First Contract

When withdrawing earnings, you also get paid in Bitcoin.

You can sell that as soon as you receive it or hold onto it if you expect the price of Bitcoin to continue to rise (which I do).

How Packages Work

70% of your Package goes into the trading pool and it’s on this amount that you receive your daily earnings.

So, on a $300 Package, $210 goes into the trading pool.

The other 30% goes to paying various bonuses and commissions within the program.

Half the 30% (15% of your Package) is used to pay a Fast Start bonus to your referrer.

This bonus is paid immediately.

If you’re a member, it doesn’t matter what Package you’re on yourself, if you refer someone, you will get 15% of their Package price, paid to you immediately.

You can only join Cash FX under an existing member; you cannot join directly on their site.

Packages will return 2X what you paid for them, however long that takes.

You do not get your original investment back.

Once a package expires, you have to buy a new one.

You also have the option to upgrade to the next level of package when your earnings are between 100% and 200% of your investment.

In this case, you pay only the difference in price between the two packages rather than paying full price for the next package up.

As an example, say you bought the $300 package.

The next package up is for $500.

When you’ve received between 100% and 200% of your investment, you decide to upgrade to the $500 package.

So, you’d only pay the $200 difference between the packages to upgrade.

Your returns are then measured against the value of the new package, so you’d now have less than a 100% return on the $500 package.

You can continue upgrading this way all the way up to the $100,000 package.

The Commission Structure

There are two aspects to Cash FX – the investments and the network marketing side of things.

There’s no obligation or pressure for you to refer new members (network marketing).

Whether you do or not, you’ll still earn the daily return on your investment.

If you do refer other people, then 6 other ways of earning from the program open up to you.

The video here explains that in more detail:

As I write this, Cash FX has 230,000+ members around the world with 1,000 joining each day.

So it’s certainly struck a nerve with people who have been looking for a way to improve their finances online.

Here’s just one testimonial from a member:

CFX Testimonial

Joining Cash FX

You risk losing your money with any investment whether it’s online or off.

I’m was in the fortunate position to be able to afford to lose $300 and so I bought the lowest-priced package in Cash FX to get started.

I’ll document my progress with Cash FX here on this blog from time to time so you can see how I get on with it.

One thing I should mention is that in my research I came across a team of investors (mostly just ordinary people like you and me) inside Cash FX and I signed up under one of these people.

One of the reasons I did this is because they operate a link rotator.

They have a generic link that rotates through all team member’s signup URLs randomly and there’s a chance that someone signing up at the rotator link could be placed under me.

If you join under me, then you’ll become part of our team and your own sign up link could be added to the link rotator.

There is a catch though – you have to directly refer at least one person first yourself, before you’re eligible to be added to the link rotator.

As a member of our team, you’ll also get access to exclusive training and resources that are not available to general Cash FX members.

The program is not currently open to people in the USA, Canada or South Korea but you can always use a VPN to circumvent that.

Remember, if you do decide to join, it is entirely at your own risk.

I am not a financial advisor or a trader and don’t endorse or recommend the program. I’m just letting you know it exists, so…

  • DO NOT invest money you can not afford to lose.
  • DO NOT put your life savings into this under any circumstances.
  • DO NOT borrow money to invest either.
  • DO be prepared to lose your money

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