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Yesterday, I received my 8th weekly payment from LTCGear and yesterday is when I broke even on my initial investment. If you want more info on LTCGear, read the review I posted a couple of weeks back.

I bought my shares with them on October 1st and purchased some additional shares two weeks after that. No other shares were bought. I did get some additional shares through referrals (I opted for commissions to be paid in shares rather than dollars), which added about 13.5% additional shares into my account. Without those, ROI would have taken a week longer.


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If you follow what economists and financial commentators like Max Keiser and Mitch Feierstein, among many others, have to say, the wool is being pulled over our eyes by both bankers and governments in how well various economies are actually performing.

Inflation figures are massaged so that they seem to be in the 1-3% range when anyone who buys groceries and pay the bills knows that figure is closer to 10%, if not more.

Banks continue to manipulate markets and the list of scandals grows by the week – LIBOR rigging, Gold prices kept artificially low, HSBC

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