CryptoSuite Reviewed

On April 11th (2018) at 9AM EST, a new cryptocurrency trading software tool called CryptoSuite was launched. It’s for those interested in investing in or trading cryptocurrencies.

I was given a review copy to assess, so my review is based on that.

The guy behind CryptoSuite is Luke Maguire. If you’re in the internet or affiliate marketing arena, you may have heard of him –  he’s released a number of highly regarded productivity tools in that space.

He’s spent the last year immersing himself in the world of cryptocurrency and identifying the things that make it difficult for people …

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USI Tech - Transform Your Life


UPDATE: USI-Tech is no longer in business.

In this video, UK USI-Tech member John Smith interviews Horst Jicha – one of USI-Tech’s owners – about what caused the company to shutdown operations in the USA and Canada, the repercussions of that and where things go from here.

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If you’re in the USA or Canada, and a member, you should find a PDF letter from their attorneys explaining the return of USI-Tech to the USA and Canada.

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Prime Hashlet

Yesterday, I bought a Hashlet Prime from GAW Miners. These are their most expensive miners at $49.95 (which I talked about in the Assessing Altcoin Mining Contracts post. This hashlet only mines at 1 Mh/s for Scrypt, just like the Hashlet Solos which cost half the price. But when switched to mine Bitcoin (SHA-256), they will hash at 40 Gh/s. They’re not at that speed yet, but will be ramped up to that rate over time (sooner rather than later).

Why Buy A Hashlet Prime?

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As these particular hashlet mining contracts don’t appear to be …

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