CFX Week 12

CFX After 12 Weeks

Now that it’s been 12 weeks since I joined Cash FX (which I talked about in detail here), it’s time for another monthly update.

To recap: I opened my account with the minimum $300 investment (which had to be paid in Bitcoin).

$210 of that (70% of my investment) is actually used for trading; the other $90 went into other parts of the program.

While deposits and withdrawals are done in Bitcoin, actual trading is carried out in the Forex market rather than the cryptocurrency market.

That’s because the Forex market is the largest …

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Cash FX 10-Month Review From My Team Leader

Tanya Jennings is the leader of the team I’m in at Cash FX.

In this video, she reviews her own progress with Cash FX after just 10 months.

Tanya started out with a $500 trading contract and that is the only money she’s spent out of her own pocket for this program.

Bear in mind that she is actively builds her team rather than just letting her investment grow on its own and that to see results like these this quickly, you would need to get your own referrals.

If you’re in her team, once you get just one …

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How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency

I’ve actually been out of the cryptocurrency world for more than a year after selling all the cryptos I owned.

I had bills to pay and hodling wasn’t an option.

Okay, so I missed out on the recent highs that Bitcoin has reached, but I originally bought Bitcoin when it was in the $200 – $700 range and sold it when it was around $6,000.

That’s not a return I can complain about! 🙂

But now I’m getting back into the world of crypto, but in a small way.

Buying Bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency and hodling is essentially a gamble …

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