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Update 8 Mar. 2018: The strategy I lay out below no longer works because of changes in the Bitcoin ecosphere. The Bitcoin Goldmine site has now gone offline after weeks of not honoring payout requests.

Anything with a line through it below is now defunct. I leave the original text here purely for archival purposes so people can see how rapidly things change in the crypto world.

I haven’t come across a reliable long-term way of earning free Bitcoin to get started with. And it seems that almost every program that offers high rates of returns on initial investments are designed to part you from your money.

The remaining programs below are still viable and worth consideration but, as always, do you own due diligence before jumping on board.

Update 12 Jan. 2018: I am now earning 0.01 BTC per day on my upgraded (to V1.2) mining account and 0.00015 BTC per day on my free mining account – total 0.01015 BTC per day (~$137/day at today’s USD/BTC rate).

I’ve accumulated 0.04727845 BTC (~$638) to date.

I plan to withdraw 0.008 BTC every day (to reduce transaction fees) so that the Bitcoin ends up in my wallet rather than staying in the miner wallet should it fold. Withdrawing 0.008 BTC per day is the equivalent of earning about $3,240 per month!

I haven’t decided if I’ll keep the Bitcoin, reinvest some of it into buying a V1.3 miner plan or buying more packages in USI-Tech to accelerate the compounding of my Bitcoin earnings there.

Update 24 Dec. 2017: I am now earning 0.0016 BTC per day on my upgraded (to V1.1) mining account and 0.00015 BTC per day on my new free mining account – total 0.00175 BTC per day (~$24.50/day at today’s USD/BTC rate).

I’ve accumulated 0.01753821 BTC (~$245.54) to date. Remember, all this Bitcoin was earned for free with zero investment costs!

Once I earn 0.025+ BTC (in 5 more days), I’ll withdraw to upgrade to a V1.2 miner account which will earn 0.01 BTC (~$140) per day. After that, I plan to withdraw 0.03 BTC every 3 days (to reduce transaction fees) so that the Bitcoin ends up in my wallet rather than staying in the miner wallet should it fold. Earning 0.01 BTC per day is the equivalent of earning about $4,000 per month!

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Here’s the contents of this page:


I’m not a financial adviser so any action you take based on the information on this page, you take at your own risk. I am a member of all the programs I talk about on this page and all I’m doing here is telling you what I’ve been doing myself to earn extra Bitcoin.

Getting Started

I won’t go into what Bitcoin is here as you can find tons of information about Bitcoin on the web and on YouTube. But if you need a primer, here’s the Banking on Bitcoin documentary:

Need a Bitcoin Wallet?

The first thing you need to do is get a free Bitcoin wallet. is probably the most well known.

Once you have your wallet, you can get your Bitcoin address where you can send payments for any earnings you make. You’ll find your addresses in the Settings -> Addresses section of

I recommend creating a new address for each company or source that you’ll be receiving Bitcoin from. This way you can track where payments are coming from into your account.

To add an account, click the + Add link on the Addresses page.

You’ll be prompted to enter a name to associate with the Bitcoin address. Type in the name of the company or site you’ll use this address with.

Then click the Create New button. A new entry will appear on your Addresses page showing the account name you just typed in.

On the same line as the account name, but at the right of the page is a Manage link. Click it.

Now click the + Add Next Address link that appears.

A new Bitcoin address will now appear. You can copy and paste this into the Bitcoin address box on the site you’ll be receiving payments from.

You can always see this address whenever you click the Manage link for your selected account. New Bitcoin Address Example

Got No Bitcoin?

Update 23 Jan. 2018: I haven’t received a payout from The Bitcoin Goldmine site in several days now, despite my withdrawals being well within the allowed limit for my account. I now have over 30 Pending withdrawals. Their Payouts page still lists recent ongoing transactions but there’s no way of telling who these payouts are going to. So at this stage, I can no longer recommend this program.

You can always Buy Bitcoin from an exchange if you want to fast-track things, but if you’re simply looking for a zero-cost way of getting Bitcoin and then leveraging those earnings, then here’s where to start.

First, open a free account at the Bitcoin Goldmine

Here’s a screenshot of my earnings here a few days ago:

Bitcoin Goldmine

When you open a new account at the site, you’ll see this screen:

Bitcoin Goldmine New Account

Paste your Bitcoin into the box and click the Start Mining button.

That’s all there is to it.

So long as the tab for this site is open in your browser (it doesn’t need to be the tab you’re currently looking at), the miner will work.

I use Microsoft MalwareBytes Pro anti-virus/anti-malware on my PC and this site gets a clean bill of health.

Some things to note:

  • You can only have 1 free mining account (there are paid upgrades you can buy but I’ll come back to those later).
  • You earn 0.00015 Bitcoin (BTC) per day. That might not sound like much, but at today’s price of $17,000/€15,000, that equates to earning $2.55/€2.25 per day. For free. If nothing else, it’ll pay your electricity bill for the day.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount from your wallet on the site is 0.0005 BTC. That means you have to wait 4 days before you can consider withdrawing any Bitcoin.
  • Right now, Bitcoin transaction fees are quite high, roughly a flat 0.0007 BTC ($12/€10) – so much for the long touted cheap transaction fees. It’s something you need to keep in mind when moving small amounts of Bitcoin.
  • Once you start mining, you also get a referral link you can give out to people. If anyone signs up under you, you’ll receive 20% of what they earn from their miners. So that’s a good way of boosting the Bitcoin you can earn.

Open Your Free Bitcoin Goldmine Account Here

Other Ways To Generate Free Bitcoin

1. Free Mining App For Your PC

Computta Bitcoin Miner

Computta is a free Bitcoin mining app for your PC. How much you can earn will depend on the CPU (processor) in your computer and how powerful your video card is (GPU mining).

An nVidia GTX960 video card will earn about $0.89 per day in Bitcoin. Not a lot but when used in conjunction with other free methods, it all starts to add up.

When you first run the app, it will run a Benchmark test on your PC to determine how much it can earn per day, month and year. You can then make an assessment as to whether it’s worth your time (and energy costs) to run the miner.

Click Here To Download The Bitcoin Miner App

2. QoinPro


QoinPro is another free place for earning Bitcoin and 16 other cryptocurrencies. Each day, a small amount of each currency is credited to your account.

We are talking tiny amounts here; for example, each day 0.00000002 Bitcoin is added to your account – that’s about $0.00023 (two hundredths of a cent).

It may not seem worth it, but it is free cryptocurrency nonetheless.

Where this program starts to pay off is when you start recruiting people to it. You get a percentage of everything your referrals receive. And you can earn 7 levels deep.

Plus you can unlock permanent daily bonuses and multipliers of 5%, 10%, 20% all the way up to 1250%.

You don’t have to do anything to earn these cryptocurrencies, but if you do promote the app, you can earn a lot more than the basic daily amounts.

Click Here To Open A QoinPro Account

3. Bitcoin CPA (Cost Per Action) Network

Another way to earn bitcoin without spending a dime is by participating in a Bitcoin-based Affiliate or CPA Network and get paid in Bitcoin from the leads/sign ups and sales on the offer(s) you promote.

My recommended network is the 1# Affiliate and CPA network in the Bitcoin economy. The best things about this Bitcoin based Affiliate Network:

  • Instant Bitcoin Payouts (Get paid instantly)
  • High Converting Offers with high payouts
  • Lots of resources and promo tools
  • Get paid on Sign up, Leads, Sales, and revenue sharing for life
  • All types of traffic accepted

How to promote these kind of CPA offers..?

Here how to bring traffic to these Bitcoin Making Offers:

  • Social Media Posts and Comments (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc..)
  • Bitcoin Related Forums and Blogs
  • Advertise across Bitcoin related network of sites
  • Send to a Mailing List
  • Add banners and link to your own websites

Click Here To Join This Affiliate and CPA Network For Free

Leveraging Your Bitcoin #1

The Bitcoin Goldmine offers 4 levels of paid upgrades.

Now, to be honest, I don’t know what the longevity of this program will be, so buying paid upgrades here could be a risky proposition. But if you’re willing to take the risk, it’s a way to boost your Bitcoin earnings significantly.

Bitcoin Goldmine Paid Upgrades

Note: You cannot use your earnings from your free or upgraded accounts to pay for upgrades. You must first withdraw your earnings from your account to your Bitcoin wallet (like

Don’t forget that that withdrawal will cost about 0.0007 Bitcoin.

The first paid upgrade costs 0.005 BTC but the upgraded (V1.1) miner pays 0.0016 BTC per day (11x more than the free account). The upgrade is applied to your free account rather than creating a second account for you.

Also remember, that in order to pay for the upgrade, you have to pay another 0.0007 BTC to transfer the Bitcoin from your Bitcoin wallet into the Bitcoin Goldmine.

So, in order to cover the 0.005 BTC cost of the paid upgrade and the 2 transaction fees, you need to actually earn 0.0064 BTC from your free account.

It will take 43 days to earn that amount of Bitcoin.

It doesn’t pay to withdraw before that due to the high transaction fees.

I never said this method would provide instant results! 🙂

If you have 0.005 BTC to play with, then think about using it to upgrade your free account.

It will take only 4 days to recoup the cost of buying this upgrade. From there on out, it’s all pure profit.

You can then buy future upgrades with your earnings rather than committing your existing Bitcoin from an external wallet.

You can open multiple paid upgrade accounts if you want to continue this way.

However, I’d caution against reinvesting 100% of your earnings given that this site could disappear at any stage.

Take some of your earnings as profit so that if the site does fold, you at least own some Bitcoin in your Bitcoin wallet.

Theoretically, you could reinvest 100% of your earnings every 4 days and buy another paid upgrade and continue doing that to compound your earnings quickly.

To give you an idea of how quickly your Bitcoin can grow…

  • Day 43: 0.0064 BTC
  • Day 44: Buy upgrade package and own zero BTC (don’t forget the transaction fees are deducted)
  • Day 48: 0.0064 BTC – Create new free account, buy upgrade package for it and own zero BTC (you now have 2 upgrade packages)
  • Day 52: 0.0128 BTC – Buy 2 upgrade packages (create a free account and upgrade it, but do this twice) and own zero BTC (you now have 4 upgrade packages)
  • Day 56: 0.0256 BTC – Buy 5 upgrade packages and own zero BTC (you now have 9 upgrade packages)
  • Day 60: 0.0576 BTC (about $980/€864 at time of writing).

So in just 2 months you’ve earned almost $1,000 with no out-of-pocket expenses. And your 9 packages will keep on earning for you.

This is a high-risk strategy and almost all your Bitcoin is with the Bitcoin Goldmine and if they go belly-up, all your Bitcoin will go with them.

But again, because you have no investment cost, if the worst happens, you’ll be no worse off than you were before you started this adventure.

You could, of course, accelerate your earnings by buying the more expensive upgrades and applying the same strategy.

The one thing I’d say is don’t be greedy. It often backfires on you. Take regular profits to either hold or buy into in other programs so you’re spreading your risk.

A Note About Withdrawals

Your mining account has what is called an Instant Payout Value (IPV). For free (V1.0) accounts, this is 0 BTC which means you have to wait 10+ days for a withdrawal request to be manually processed.

A V1.1 account has an IPV of 0.004 BTC. This means that withdrawals of up to that amount will be processed within a couple of hours. Larger amounts will be subject to the 10+ days wait for manual processing.

A V.12 account has an IPV of 0.008 BTC.

Instead of requesting a single large withdrawal, you can request several smaller withdrawal amounts each day. This does increase the amount of Bitcoin transaction fees you pay, but you can’t complain as you’re earning this Bitcoin for free anyway.

Open Your Free Bitcoin Goldmine Account Here

Leveraging Your Bitcoin #2

Update Mar 8. 2018: USI-Tech have now re-opened in the USA and Canada and are taking orders. They remained open elsewhere around the world while issues in the American territories were addressed, which you can read about below. They have now launched their BTC 2.0 mining packages that pay 7 days a week.

Update 25 Jan. 2018: USI-Tech are re-opening in the USA & Canada following ab audit of unethical members in those territories. An interview the the CEO clarifies things.

Update 6 Jan. 2018: USI-Tech have been forced to close down their business in the USA and Canada due to unethical marketing practices by some of its USA and Canadian members. Despite being repeatedly warned that they were in violation of the company’s Terms of Service, these individuals persisted with their bad behaviour and ruined the opportunity for all American and Canadian members. More info on this here.

USI-Tech is still operational in the rest of the world and remains my #1 recommended Bitcoin opportunity. Americans & Canadians will find alternative Bitcoin options below.

Following the closure of USI-Tech in the USA and Canada on January 5th, 2018, people from those countries can no longer join USI-Tech. If you live elsewhere in the world, you can still sign up.

The second way to leverage your bitcoin is to join USI-Tech. This company provides a 140% return on your Bitcoin capital over 140 business days (it doesn’t generate earnings on weekends).

You buy mining packages with them which cost €51.50 €51.71 (approx $60). However, you pay for packages using the Bitcoin equivalent of that Euro price.

The price of Bitcoin on the day you buy will determine how much Bitcoin you actually have to pay.

Earnings are paid out in Bitcoin and are approximately 1% per day of the Bitcoin you paid for your packages.

Your package stops earning once the 140% return has been achieved.

Compounding Your Earnings

With this system, you can buy additional packages using whatever percentage of your earnings that you want. You don’t need to withdraw Bitcoin first and then lodge it again to buy. This saves you paying the transaction fees.

The only Bitcoin you can withdraw from your account are you earnings. You cannot “cash in” your packages for Bitcoin once you’ve bought them.

The power of this system is that you can set it up to automatically buy packages for you when you’ve accumulated enough earnings.

This compounds the number of packages you own as well as the amount of Bitcoin you earn.

This video explains how compounding works:

A Better Way To Bitcoin

Generating a Sustainable Income

One question that I’m often asked is “how can I generate a consistent $50 or $100 per day from this program?

To do that, you need to buy additional packages using 70% of your earnings and withdraw 30% of your earnings in Bitcoin. You’ll need about 300 packages to earn $50 per day and about 600 to earn $100 per day.

How much you earn will depend on the price at which you bought your packages and the current price of Bitcoin.

Once you reach the earning level you want, the 70/30 rule will keep the income flowing without you having to spend more of your own Bitcoin buying packages.

If you think you’ll never be able to afford that number of packages, check out the compensation plan section below… 🙂

How Stable is USI-Tech?

So is USI-Tech any more safe and reliable than the Bitcoin Goldmine? They absolutely are.

They’re a European company that’s been around for about 8 years. They originally operated in the foreign exchange (forex) market, expanding into Bitcoin in 2016.

They only opened their program to people in the USA and Canada earlier in 2017 (though as of Jan. 5th, 2018, people in those countries can no longer join).

They’re completely transparent in their operation so there’s nothing “fishy” about them.

Several people have become millionaires through using this system and the money it can generate can become life-changing. It’s not typical but it has happened.

The USI-Tech Compensation Plan

There is another component to USI-Tech – its compensation plan.

This is a completely optional side of the system to become involved with.

You get a referral link to share with family, friends and anyone you think would be interested in this program.

For every person who enrolls directly under you, you receive 10% of the value of the packages they buy. It’s important to note that your referrals don’t get 90% of what they order – they still get 100% of their packages.

USI-Tech pay you a 10% finder’s fee essentially. But you get a 10% commission on every order your direct referrals make, not just on their first order.

In fact, you can earn commissions from 12 levels below you so there’s a huge amount of commission you could potentially earn from this side of the system.

If you’re interested in promoting the USI-Tech opportunity yourself, This Bitcoin Multiplier System is a business in a box, ready to promote USI-Tech for you if you want to start referring others to the program.

And if money is tight for buying packages yourself, then start spreading the word about USI-Tech and get people to sign up under you! The commissions you earn can either be withdrawn or used to buy new packages.

A Better Way To Bitcoin

USI-Tech Alternatives (Especially For Americans & Canadians)

The way things are shaping up, it looks like USI-Tech is going to be permanently closed to Americans and Canadians.

Here are some alternative programs to look at that are available worldwide:

1. iCoinPro


This program launched in May 2017. It is a network marketing program which teaches members how to trade cryptocurrencies using simple strategies. There’s no option to actually buy Bitcoin within the members’ area.

There are 3 levels of membership:

$39.95/month which gives you access to all features of the program and you can earn from 3 Levels of Matrix Commissions.

$229.95/six-months which provides automatic 2-Star Rank Qualification for a full 6 months to earn the Bigger Fast Start Bonuses, 12 Levels of Matrix Commissions, and 3 Levels of Matching Bonuses.

$449.95/year which provides automatic 3-Star Rank Qualification for an entire year to maximise the compensation plan with Bigger Fast Start Bonuses, a Full 14 Levels of Matrix Commissions, and 5 Full Levels of Matching Bonuses!

This program uses a forced binary matrix – you can sign up 2 people directly, each of those can sign up 2 people directly, etc. If you sign up more than 2 people, your additional signups spillover to someone in your downline. This is good for everyone as it incentivizes them to remain members. They can receive people in their downline from someone in their upline.

The other major feature of this program are the trading strategies they provide. These are simple to follow and make it relatively easy to make profit trading Bitcoin against other cryptocurrencies.

I use these trading strategies myself and have increased the amount of Bitcoin I originally invested by about 50%.

There are regular weekly webinars for members about cryptocurrencies and trading, along with Q&A sessions.

Join iCoinPro Here

2. Bitty Cash

Update Mar 8. 2018: It looks like Bitty Cash may have gone dormant. It was relaunched with a new direction in mind a few weeks ago but there are errors in the stats (at least in my dashboard) that still haven’t been fixed and no communications from the owner. I guess this one’s a wait-and-see-what-happens.

Earn Bitcoin Opportunity

You can join Bitty Cash for free. This program only launched on November 1st, 2017 so features are still being added to it. You can buy Bitcoin through their website and become a member of additional Bitcoin programs that they recommend.

As a free member, you earn $1 worth of Bitcoin for every confirmed member who signs up directly under you (your direct referrals). There is no limit to the number of members you can refer.

There is one other level of membership called the Tycoon Level ($97/mth) which allows you to earn $1 per new confirmed member 5 levels deep. This could potentially earn you a lot of Bitcoin.

As a Tycoon, You also earn commissions when someone in your downline upgrades to Tycoon level, buys Bitcoin or withdraws Bitcoin from their member wallet.

In January 2018, the trading training module became available but is exclusive to Tycoon level members only.

If you’re good at recruiting people, this is a good program to get into, especially as it’s free to join.

iCoinPro has a much lower monthly fee than Bitty Cash, and far, far better training and trading strategies, though there’s no free membership option with it. Again, if you’re good a recruiting, iCoinPro is also a good choice. It’s definitely the more mature of the two programs at the moment.

Open A Free Bitty Cash Account Here

Bitcoin Debit Card

Cryptopay Debit Card

Update 5 Jan. 2018: Visa has suspended the activity of WaveCrest – the company providing most crypto credit cards out there. This means that Xapo, Wirex, TenX, Bitwala and CryptoPay don’t work for now. These companies are now looking to find solutions and once they are found I’ll update this post. If you know of any good alternatives feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

If you’d like to convert your Bitcoin into fiat currency (Dollars, Euro, Sterling) without having to use an exchange and bank, you can use this CryptoPay Bitcoin debit card instead. Lodge your Bitcoin to the card and it gets converted to the fiat currency the card is issued for.

How much is transferred to the card will depend on the Bitcoin price at the time.

The card is a full blown prepaid card you can top up instantly by converting funds in your Cryptopay Bitcoin account to EUR, USD and GBP. It can be used anywhere regular prepaid cards are accepted.

You can order a physical plastic or a virtual Euro, US Dollar or UK Pound debit card.

These cards work online, offline and internationally, making it simple for you to use at millions of businesses around the world.

Save 25% On The Card Purchase Price Through This Link


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Electrum Bitcoin Wallet (PC-based wallet)

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