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News started dropping yesterday that USI-Tech had terminated their operation in the USA and Canada.

Clients in those countries were greeted with a statement when they logged in that stated USI-Tech’s action and the reasons for it.

The termination of operations was not telegraphed to any clients or team leaders beforehand and came as a bombshell.

USI-Tech had been warning USA and Canadian clients about unacceptable marketing practices that some of them were engaging in. Those warnings went unheeded.

As a result, USI-Tech found itself in a position where it could be deemed to be condoning such marketing policies and run afoul of financial regulations in those countries. So as not to get tied up in legal wranglings, the company took the hard decision to wind up their operation in both countries.

USI-Tech is a European operation, though the company is registered in Dubai. It’s a global company, so it’s other clients will not be affected by this decision.

In fact, thee company only entered the USA/Canada market in mid-2016.

USA and Canadian clients will not lose any money/Bitcoin. Commissions accrued my clients up to yesterday for the referral program will be paid out.

This video was released on January 5th, 2018

It’s not clear yet how their mining packages will be handled. These pay a 40% return on capital over 140 business days. It may be the case that USA and Canadian clients will continue to receive their daily earnings until each package runs out. However, they will no longer be able to buy new packages (or rebuy with earnings), nor will they be able to refer new clients to USI-Tech.

As new information becomes available, I’ll add it to this post.

Have You Been Affected By USI-Tech’s Closure In USA/Canada?

If you’re in the USA or Canada and are one of those affected, here are two Bitcoin programs worth looking at: Bitty Cash and iCoinPro.

While Bitty Cash is free to join, there is an upgraded membership that costs $97 per month which gives added benefits such as access to their cryptocurrency trading training and commissions on 12 levels of referrals.

iCoinPro is $39.95 per month so is cheaper than Bitty Cash. It’s also been around longer and one of its chief benefits is the simple cryptocurrency trading methods it teaches. I’ve used these myself with some success and while I’ve had some losing trades, most come good after a few weeks or months. I’m up about 50% on my initial deposit using their strategies. They also pay commissions for referrals 5 levels deep. Plus there are some other bonuses. They’re explained on the site.

I used to think that Bitty Cash was the better of the two programs, but now I favor iCoinPro. Not because it’s cheaper but because it’s a more mature offering; they’ve provided their Micro Profits training for months to all members whereas Bitty Cash are only releasing their trading strategies training in a few days, but only to upgraded members.

Then there’s this:

Real Bitcoin Investment Fund

Here’s another alternative Bitcoin investment program that may be of interest. It currently pays about 134% on a 45 day deposit term (34% profit). Deposits and withdrawals are in Bitcoin.

The minimum deposit amount is 0.003 Bitcoin.

Given the high return in such a short period of time, this falls into HYIP (High-Yield Investment Policy) territory. Putting money into these kinds of companies is very risky but you can still make a good profit with them. These really are places where you deposit money you can afford to lose!

The company domain name was registered on 2017-09-05 for just 1 year, so it doesn’t look like they plan to stick around for all that long.

On the other hand, maybe you’re just better off buying and holding Bitcoin directly.


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